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Lexi Berko

Lexi Berko, grew up in the suburbs of Somerset County, in central New Jersey. Due to the rapid development in the area it was not until she joined 4-H that she was exposed to agriculture.  She would continue on to receive her bachelor's degree from Delaware Valley College in Conservation and Wildlife Management. While attending college, she began her farming career starting at a local dairy farm and quickly accelerated to working and managing several vegetable and livestock farms in PA and NY. After relocating to the Hudson Valley to expand her skill sets, she began Wild Lea Farm with her partner Justin Seelaus. In her spare time Lexi enjoys weaving, spinning wool, growing flowers and enjoying nature. She has recently completed training as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and is studying to become a clinical herbalist, which will allow her to apply her knowledge and love of whole foods and herbs into a healthy lifestyle for herself and others


Justin Seelaus

Justin Seelaus, originally a Montgomery County native from Pennsylvania, grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, never truly experiencing the farm life. As a bonafide Eagle Scout, he spent much of his youth growing up in the hills and mountains of PA until he received his bachelor's degree from Delaware Valley College in Agronomy and Environmental Sciences. While attending college, he began his farming career and quickly accelerated in the field. He has worked and managed several organically certified farms in PA and NY and has relocated to the Hudson Valley to expand his skill sets and begin Wild Lea Farm with his partner Lexi Berko. In his spare time Justin works at Muscoot Farm and enjoys backpacking, playing accordian and archery.

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As your farmers, we strive to produce high quality grass fed & finished lamb and rabbit meat, fiber and hides that holds high regards to animal welfare, ecological consciousness and land regeneration. We aim to utilize the entire animal, which enable us to provide a wide selection of wholesome farm products for your and your family.

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Wild Lea Everything
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)
Once you experience a small business like Wild Lea Farm you can’t ever go back to “regular grocery food”. Lamb chops and rabbit, so delicious! Not to mention their wool products. Handmade knit wool hats, are part of my husband and I everyday outside wear. Heart wool garland melts my heart with the tender care that is placed into the creative process. Thank you for your dedication and showing others how farming can be done humanly and with passion that brings honor to the lives of the animals in your care.

Michelle S.


Our beginnings
Est. 2017

While attending Delaware Valley College, Lexi and Justin ironically met in Organic Chemistry. Since then, they have been sweethearts working and managing farms together. With a combination of 20 years of farming experience, a passion for regenerative agriculture and a desire to own and operate a financially profitable farm, they have gained the skill set to create an agricultural operation that holds high regards to animal welfare, ecological consciousness and land regeneration.  As a result, Wild Lea Farm, a first generation farmer owned and operated livestock farm was created.

Starting with only a handful of lambs & goats in 2017 on rented land and a single farmers market in NYC, we quickly grew into a sustainable agricultural operation purchasing 17 acres in Hyde Park, NY and now raise lambs and rabbits for markets, home chefs, restaurants and small grocers for the Hudson Valley

You can find us out and about the farm, watching over our sheep, cuddling with rabbits or hugging a tree. 



Our animals live as much time outside as the weather permits out on a paddock for their daily dose of sunshine and fresh air., fed fresh hay and grass pellets every day with access to cozy and warm barn space. All of our animals are grass fed and finished

We are with our animals every few hours throughout the day to check on their well being, health, as well as monitoring their mineral, water and even shade supply.  Regularly checked by our local small ruminant vet, we are adamant in providing the proper and utmost care to all our animals which results in a better quality of life, which in returns provides a better quality meat. ​


We have a small herd of Romney sheep, which are beautiful multi colored breeds native to the UK with a natural ability to thrive on an all-grass diet, providing a high quality and tender meat and lushious fiber.

We have a small rabbitry includes breeds such as New Zealand, Champagne d'Argent and American Blue. Each of these breeds provide Wild Lea with a fast producing meat source with delicate meat and wonderful flavor as well as the highest protein, low cholesterol and low fat content.


We have a small herd of Romney sheep, which are beautiful multi colored breed native to the UK with very unique wool characteristics. Romney sheep have a dense long wool with a prominent crimp and beautiful natural colored fiber ideal for handspinners and weavers.  Our sheep are shorn twice a year for a steady supply year round while also helping to make the summer months a little more bearable.

In addition to selling rovings and skeins which are processed at Battenkill Fiber Mill, we will also have a variety of felted ornaments, dryer balls as well as finished woven pieces and handspun yarn. 


You can shop online for all our fiber and hide products via our etsy page.

Meat products can be purchased online at our page

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