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  • Free Range, Colony Raised Rabbit -> Available Now

  • Free Range Quail & Quail Eggs (Returns January 2023)

  • Grass Fed, Grass Finished Lamb (Returns September 2023)

    • Wool, Yarns & Hides ​(Returns 2023)

"Eat & Live Wild Lea" -Wild Lea Farm

Your Farmers: Lexi Berko & Justin Seelaus

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Supporting 1st Generation Farmers

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Whole Animal Utilization & Accountability 

At Wild Lea Farm we strive to produce high quality,
free range meat, fiber and hide products from our: 

     Lamb, Rabbit and Quail

Through our utilization of the entire animal,
we are able to provide a wide selection of products for you to enjoy, that hold high regards to animal welfare, ecological consciousness and land regeneration

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Our Wild Lea
Little Homestead

Follow us, Lexi Berko and Justin Seelaus as we together produce premium farm products and account for the whole farm experience!