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Justin Seelaus, originally a Montgomery County native from Pennsylvania, grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, never truly experiencing the farm life. As a bonafide Eagle Scout, he spent much of his youth growing up in the hills and mountains of PA until he received his bachelor's degree from Delaware Valley College in Agronomy and Environmental Sciences. While attending college, he began his farming career and quickly accelerated in the field. He has worked and managed several organically certified farms in PA and NY and has relocated to the Hudson Valley to expand his skill sets and begin Wild Lea Farm with his partner Lexi Berko. In his spare time Justin manages and runs Obercreek Farm and enjoys backpacking, beekeeping and helping others.

Farmer Justin Seelaus

Jane Doe

Farmher Lexi Berko

Lexi Berko, grew up in the suburbs of Somerset County, in central New Jersey. Due to the rapid development in the area it was not until she joined 4-H that she was exposed to agriculture.  She would continue on to receive her bachelor's degree from Delaware Valley College in Conservation and Wildlife Management. While attending college, she began her farming career starting at a local dairy farm and quickly accelerated to working and managing several vegetable and livestock farms in PA and NY. After relocating to the Hudson Valley to expand her skill sets, she began Wild Lea Farm with her partner Justin Seelaus. In her spare time Lexi enjoys weaving, spinning wool, growing flowers and enjoying nature. 



Wild Lea Farm strives to produce high quality pasture, raised lamb and goat products that hold high regards to animal welfare, ecological consciousness and land regeneration. By providing our animals with access to high quality pasture and forage, we are able to promote opportunities for our animals to perform natural and instinctive behaviors essential to their health and well-being while ensuring social interaction, comfort as well as their physical and psychological well-being.



We are currently looking for farmland!!!


After years of leasing farm land in Dutchess County, we are on the move. We are in the midst of searching for new land to set our roots and hoofs down and call our own. If you know of a location or have land available, let us know!


Check back for more information as we finalize our new location. 

Wild Lea Farm currently is nestled in Cold Spring, NY

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