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Eat Wild Lea

Do you know the source of your proteins and how they are raised?


Most meat, commercially available, comes from large operations using concentrated feedlots. By fattening their animals with grain, soy and other supplements and limiting their movement, they ensure the maximum growth in the least amount of time. To us, this is the complete opposite of how we want our food raised.


We enjoy seeing our animals home on our pastures, foraging on native grasses without the need of added hormones or growth promoting additives. Our animals grow at their natural pace, utilizing their natural ability to breakdown those grasses in a low stress and healthy environment. 

The lifestyle of being pasture raised and grass feed is a major benefit to those consuming our meat. These happy animals are found to be more nutritious and healthier for you than their feedlot counterparts. It has been rediscovered that grass fed lamb and goat has less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories than their feed lot counterparts. They also contain more vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and a number of health-promoting fats, including omega-3 fatty acids and “conjugated linoleic acid,” or CLA.

providing a safe, Thriving


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Our tender, flavorful lamb and goat is completely free of GMO's, rich in omega-3 fatty acids and CLA's and are excellent sources of protein, antioxidants, vitamins and iron. 

Our animals live as much time as the weather permits out on pasture and are moved to a new paddock of fresh grass every day during the warm seasons and are nestled in the barn during the coldest winter months with access to adjacent outdoor paddocks for their daily dose of sunshine and fresh air.


We are with our animals every few hours throughout the day to check on their well being, pasture and herd health, as well as monitoring their mineral, water and even shade supply.  Regularly checked by our local small ruminant vet, we are adamant in providing the proper and utmost care to all our animals which results in a better quality of life,

which in returns provides a better quality meat. 

Buying our pasture raised, grass fed lamb and goat products, you help keep our farm in business. You protect our pastures from turning into subdivisions, encouraging biodiversity on our farm and improve the soil fertility in our pastures. ​

Our Lamb

We have a small herd of Icelandic/Romney lambs, which are beautiful multi colored breeds native to the UK and Iceland. The Icelandic genes provide our lambs the natural ability to thrive on an all-grass diet, providing a high quality and renowned meat. With the cross, we are able to provide a unique, high quality, tender meat.

Our Goat

We also have a small herd of Kiko goats, which are a strong and independent breed native to New Zealand. The Kiko genes which provide our goats the natural ability to thrive on a grass and forage diet while providing a high quality, tender and delicately flavored meat

At Wild Lea Farm we take our flock and pasture health seriously. By implementing biosecurity practices, we are able to monitor, reduce and even eliminate the risk of pests and disease into our herds and pastures.

All our meat is processed through a USDA regulated facility, which is Animal Welfare Approved (AWA). Our products are available frozen in vacuum sealed retail packaging. 

We offer a wide selection of products from both our lambs and goats.

Requests for halal or specialty cuts will be honored with an advanced deposit.

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