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Wool Products & Hides

We have a small herd of Icelandic/Romney sheep, which are beautiful multi colored breeds native to the UK and Iceland. Both sheep have very unique wool characteristics. Romney sheep have a dense long wool with a prominent crimp and beautiful natural colored fiber ideal for handspinners and weavers. Icelandic sheep produce a coat of wool with both an outer and inner coat with thick wavy locks and a whole range of color and is also ideal for handspinners. Our sheep are shorn twice a year for a steady supply year round while also helping to make the summer months a little more bearable.


In addition to selling rovings and skeins processed at Battenkill Fiber Mill, we will also have a variety of felted ornaments, dryer balls as well as finished woven pieces and handspun yarn. 


We feel indebted to our animals and aim to utilize the whole animal, so we have available naturally tanned lamb and goat hides. We are proud supporters of Vermont Natural Sheepskins, the only tannery in the United States using a non-toxic method to tan sheep and goat skins. Their environmentally responsible methods utilize natural tannins found in tree bark, and is safe for everyone including the customers, and the environment. 

By working with these independent businesses, we can ensure our sheepskins and goat hides are free from the industrial carcinogenic chemicals chrome, perchloroethylene, and formaldehyde which are typically found on mass produced skins and hides. Even so-called “eco” methods rely on aluminum sulfate which contains heavy metals, or on other chemicals which can leave potentially harmful residue in the finished product.

 By purchasing our goat and sheep skins, you supporting both our mission to provide these products and support the age old method of environmentally safe and responsible tanning processes. 

We are excited to be listed on LocalFiber's aim is to engage the fiber farming community in order to collectively address challenges and educate both the farmers and the greater Finger Lakes/CNY community (and other NY counties), by hosting farmer quarterly meetings, pop-up shops, and outreach events. Be sure to check it out for a great NY fiber resource and network. 

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